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Lifelong Researcher, Walker and Backpacking Enthusiast (when not working). See my Google Profile Plus "About" page for more about me.

I created this web page after reading about Known -- see these links.

They provide free (for now, it's beta) web domain pages, and as you blog, you're able to simultaneously post to Facebook, but you keep a copy of your blog post at their web site, so as they say "you own your posts". They are open source and allow you to use another server to archive your posts.

This allows my friends who refuse to use Facebook to follow my blogs here at this web site. You can comment on my postings here, but they will not be shown on Facebook; and vice-versa. If you comment at Facebook, your comment is not shown here. Comment at either place, no problem.


Devout Catholics Have Better Sex, Study Says - US News


From the Chairman and CEO of public opinion polling company, Gallup.
The Big Lie: 5.6% Unemployment


Interesting, it won't be long before SCOTUS begins hearings on the most important Obamacare case to come before them, early in March, 2015.
A Creditable Plan | National Review Online


Impressive list of writers. Looks very comprehensive.
Got Bones? The Paleo Solution for Building Strong Bones : The Paleo Diet™


I see the Pittsburgh Steelers recommends Regenexx. Quote: "First, what it got right was to interview Jim Bradley, team physician for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Jim has been using Platelet Rich Plasma as a team physician longer than any other well known sports surgeon I have met. Jim also sits on the NFL Scientific Committee and has done lab research in cartilage repair in a former life, so he knows the area of biologic medicine and stem cells well. He mentioned in the piece that he sends patients overseas and listed some sites where he could send patients. I communicated with Jim over the weekend and he OK’ed me to let readers know that the site he has visited and cleared for his players and the one he sends patients to is the RegenexxCayman facility in Grand Cayman. Why? As he stated in the article, it’s far more advanced than any orthopedic stem cell site operating in the U.S. and it has a decade long safety record with large safety publications."


Weird Things You Never Knew About Kissing - ABC News


Smartphone device can diagnose HIV, syphilis in 15 minutes - NY Daily News


Parents can't sue drug firms when vaccines cause harm, Supreme Court says -


Parents can't sue drug firms when vaccines cause harm, Supreme Court says -