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Lifelong Researcher, Walker and Backpacking Enthusiast (when not working). See my Google Profile Plus "About" page for more about me.

I created this web page after reading about Known -- see these links.

They provide free (for now, it's beta) web domain pages, and as you blog, you're able to simultaneously post to Facebook, but you keep a copy of your blog post at their web site, so as they say "you own your posts". They are open source and allow you to use another server to archive your posts.

This allows my friends who refuse to use Facebook to follow my blogs here at this web site. You can comment on my postings here, but they will not be shown on Facebook; and vice-versa. If you comment at Facebook, your comment is not shown here. Comment at either place, no problem.


My favorite Mt. Whitney photograph (and my avatar photo, full-res)

My favorite Mt. Whitney photograph (and my avatar photo, full-res)

Near a Mt. Whitney summit trail "Window" at 14,300 feet, 8/11/2013, 6:26am on my 6th consecutive annual JMT hike. A "window" is where there is a dropoff on the trail on both sides of the trail. This photograph looks like sun rays are beaming through me, but the beams are coming from the camera. Nevertheless it looks like I was teleported here and have not been fully remateralized. My most fun photo.