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Lifelong Researcher, Walker and Backpacking Enthusiast (when not working). See my Google Profile Plus "About" page for more about me.

I created this web page after reading about Known -- see these links.

They provide free (for now, it's beta) web domain pages, and as you blog, you're able to simultaneously post to Facebook, but you keep a copy of your blog post at their web site, so as they say "you own your posts". They are open source and allow you to use another server to archive your posts.

This allows my friends who refuse to use Facebook to follow my blogs here at this web site. You can comment on my postings here, but they will not be shown on Facebook; and vice-versa. If you comment at Facebook, your comment is not shown here. Comment at either place, no problem.


Useful Gear to Pursue Outdoor Hunting

Hunting seasons change with the change of the weather each year but the one thing that stays the same is the type of outdoor hunting gear hunters will need for their hunting trip. Hunting trips can last one day, an entire weekend, or even for an entire week. The length of the trip and where the trip occurs all depends on the likes and dislikes of the hunter.



Views From Remote Region Of Georgia, Svaneti.

Views From Remote Region Of Georgia, Svaneti.


Hello Every one


Jeffrey A. Singer: ObamaCare’s Electronic-Records Debacle - WSJ


Fireball Whisky Recalled In 3 Countries Over Antifreeze Ingredient


I have to agree with the intro, just great! Watch with the sound on!
An Inside Look At Hottest Video Production House In The Outdoors


Ebola Arises Again and Again - Scientific American


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Written by a M.D. and Emeritus professor of surgery at the U of WA school of medicine, interesting pros-and-cons analysis of Measles and investigation whether the immunization traditionally obtained through getting childhood measles versus use of the MMR vaccine explains the increased rise in childhood cancer now.

More Dangerous Than Measles –